Indiantown, in Martin County started as a Seminole Indian Trading Post. The area was later settled by white pioneers.

In 1924, S. Davies Warfield built an extension of the Seaboard Air Line Railway from Coleman, Florida to West Palm Beach, passing through Indiantown.

Warfield planned to make Indiantown the southern hub of the rail line. He planned a model city, with a school, housing and the railroad station. He also built the Seminole Inn. His plans for a city did not materialize as conditions changed following the economic downturn in 1926, Warfield’s death in 1927 and the devastation of the 1928 hurricane.

In 1952, the Indiantown Development Corporation was sold and restructured as the Indiantown Company, which was involved in building new water and sewage systems and housing developments. Docks were added on the St. Lucie River

Seaboard train passenger service to the Indiantown station was eliminated when Amtrak took over in 1971. The depot was demolished several years later.

Of Warfield’s contributions to Indiantown, only the Seminole Inn remains. His name is still part of the town, memorialized on Warfield Elementary school and Warfield Boulevard.

The Village of Indiantown was incorporated December 2017.  The first election was held on March 13, 2018..

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