Local students encourage peers to enter agricultural essay contest 



CLEWISTON - Several Hendry County students have plans to enter the second annual Florida Agricultural History and Creativity Award Essay Contest. They hope to spread the word and get more local youth to participate.


“We live in the perfect place for writing about agriculture,” said Selena Martin, a homeschooled seventh Grader who lives in Harlem. “I think more lock kids should try and enter this contest, since we are surrounded by farming, and it makes up so much if Clewiston’s history. We have been FaceTiming as many other kids as possible and telling them about the contest.”


The competition is open to all contestants attending any Florida school in grades 4–12. It's an essay contest that consists of three topic categories, one for each grade level. Nine winners will be selected: Three elementary school contestants (grades 4–5), three middle school contestants (grades 6–8), and three high school contestants (grades 9–12) will be selected from each topic category.


“I would love to see more kids from our area enter, and win!” said Ramon Brantley, a ninth grader who lives in Montura. “I think with the virus making us all stay home, this is a cool way to stop the boredom, and put Hendry County students on the map! There’s a lot of us that have families working in agriculture, and really, who could write about it better than us? I was in a zoom meeting with a bunch of other kids, we are all sharing topics and ideas!”


“I help my dad with cattle everyday, I have plenty to write about,” said Pioneer resident Ricky Salas, who is in fourth grade. “My friends and I are all trying really hard to win!” 


Each winner will receive a $1,000 Florida 529 scholarship from Florida Prepaid. Entries must be, “a 500-word or less typed, double-spaced, essay, written in English in Times New Roman 12-point font, and a letter of recommendation from an educator,” the contest rules state. 


This year's competition deadline is February 26, 2021 at 5 p.m. EST. 


View the official contest rules: https://www.fdacs.gov/content/download/89420/file/ag-history-award-official-rules-2021.pdf