Burroughs wants quality housing in Belle Glade


BELLE GLADE– Belle Glade City Commission candidate Johnny Burroughs Jr. answered questions at a Meet the Candidate forum held over Zoom on Feb. 18. Burroughs is the incumbent in the race and running against Andrew “Kenny” Berry for seat E.

Berry did not participate in the forum.

“I’m seeking reelection because I have unfinished business here,” began Burroughs. “There’s quite a few things in the community I’ve been working on such as youth programs, bringing more viable businesses to our community, creating middle-income to high-income jobs in our community, and doing the best we can to bring forth positive economic growth.”

Burroughs has served on the city commission since 2012.

When asked what some of his top priorities would be if reelected for another term, Burroughs singled out housing as something he plans to focus on.

“When we work on better quality housing,” said Burroughs, “not only affordable but better quality, that will attract young folks back to our community. That will also help economic growth in our community, because the more housing we have that systematically grows our tax base.”

When asked about black American’s skepticism of the COVID-19 vaccine, considering the nation’s history of racism in medical research, Burroughs said he supports vaccines that are tested and proven to have minimal side effects.

“Anything that has been proven, tested properly, and is going to help our people, I will do everything I can to march it across the finish line,” explained Burroughs.

In his closing statement, Burroughs made his pitch to Belle Glade voters that the work wasn’t done.

“I’m here to ensure that we continue to build our infrastructure in our community,” Burroughs concluded. “I’ve been there at the grassroots and I’m still working now. Even though we’re in the middle of this campaign, I still go out day-to-day in the community to help people get jobs. I’m here for you. I’m looking forward to continuing my work.”